Regular Windows AC Service


  • Installing an AC:Choose this service for AC installation at your place. The professional will ensure that the AC is running properly as gas pressure and performance of the appliance will be checked post AC installation.Uninstalling an existing AC: Select this option when you need professionals to dismount an AC. The appliance will be checked before the AC uninstallation.Wet services: This service includes an end to end cleaning of your AC (which is not faulty). Cooling coils, condenser coils, outer panel, drain and filet pipes will be extensively cleaned and washed. However, high-pressure jet pumps will not be used for the cleaning purpose. Tick this service when you want your AC to be properly cleaned.Repairs: Choose this option for diagnosis and repair of your AC. The professional will check the AC upon visitation and provide with quotation depending on the condition of the appliance.

Get your Windows Split AC Serviced by Easy Homes's power pack AC Service technician. We offer you 30 day service guarantee with 10K damage insurance against damage of every every AC Serviced. Also get a no questions asked 30 day revisit policy. Only original / genuine spare parts are supplied with fixing price.


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